On the bandwagon

I don’t think I have any particular wisdom to offer to the world. But I felt I needed a more substantial presence in the ‘social media’ realm than simply Facebook before I could legitimately say I was in a position to start appreciating its capabilities for…well, whatever it’s good for!  So, I’m now here, waiting to see how this medium, which has half the world all aflutter (or should that be a-Twitter?), can make my life better.

I get Facebook, because I can use it to let my friends know what I’m doing, feeling etc.  It also seems to provide a platform for collective social activism, although I recognise there’s a gulf between befriending (or clicking ‘like’ for) a cause and taking useful action.

I tried Twitter, but it seems astoundingly superficial to me – unless I’m a corporation which wants to see what its customers think about it.  This would, of course, help me fix poor perceptions by developing a Zeitgeist-inspired viral campaign to win back the customers I could probably have held onto without advertising had it not been for my general apathy to their plight.

I think I get the gist of blogs but do wonder just how much of what can be found on here could provoke thinking or be found equally well (or better) expressed elsewhere.  Or, are blogs like extensions of Facebook with slightly fewer ‘conditions of access’?  Is it valuable that I can read about Joe Bloggs’ ruminations on the condition of his hydrangeas or Penelope Citizen’s perceptions of the attractiveness of Florence?

It will be interesting to see how my blog is regarded.  I have no idea what will make its way on here but, as someone with a healthy ego, I am looking forward to see how many people reach this spot and what they think of it.